Grants Program

Laurel Foundation concentrates its grantmaking in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania.

With an emphasis on outcomes and accountability, grants will focus on programs that offer long-term benefits for participants and the community. The Foundation favors programs that foster individual responsibility and self-sufficiency, exhibit a commitment to sound fiscal and program management, implement collaborative efforts, and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

The Foundation awards grants only to organizations that are classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Individuals are not eligible for funding, nor are grants made for scholarships. Social and cultural organizations whose services fall outside the Greater Pittsburgh area are not encouraged to submit a request. The Foundation does not ordinarily approve consecutive-year grants, preferring instead to monitor the status of a program prior to additional funding approval.

Organizations are advised to carefully review this website to gauge the Foundation’s possible interest prior to submitting a full proposal. If there is uncertainty, a brief, one-page letter of inquiry may be sent to the Vice President of Philanthropy, including a summary of the project and related costs.