Born in 1928, Cordelia S. May was proud of her Pittsburgh heritage. She pursued a quiet and generous charitable giving program that reflected her altruistic nature. She established Laurel Foundation in 1951 to perpetuate her philanthropic vision, which reflected her Pittsburgh heritage and desire to preserve and promote the region’s culture, environment, and rich history.

Mrs. May was a visionary and a patriotic American. Her national philanthropic pursuits embraced the values upon which the country was founded: its laws, its language, and its traditions.

Concentrating its grantmaking primarily in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania, the principal funding areas include arts and culture, environment and conservation, vocational education, and community development/beautification.

Mrs. May served as Chairman until her death in 2005.

Today, the Directors of Laurel Foundation continue Mrs. May’s stewardship. In a world diminished by her absence, we reflect on the enormous gift of her friendship and leadership.

Effective July 1, 2012 Laurel Foundation became a division of Colcom Foundation for investment and administrative purposes, and its tax information is included in Form 990-PF of Colcom Foundation. The Board of Directors of Laurel Foundation remains independent of Colcom Foundation. Grantmaking is also unaffected by the change.