Applying for a Grant

Organizations are advised to carefully review this website to gauge the Foundation’s possible interest prior to submitting a full proposal. If there is uncertainty, a brief, one-page letter of inquiry may be sent to the President, including a summary of the project and related costs.

The Directors meet twice each year, in June and December. Proposals submitted for consideration at these meetings must be received by April 1 and October 1, respectively.

Proposals MUST include the Common Grant Application Cover Sheet which can be accessed at the Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania Web Site,  Please limit the complete narrative to a maximum of ten pages, which can either follow the Common Grant Application or can be in a format of your choice.

The Foundation will not accept proposals via email or through Laurel Foundation’s website.

The following information must be included with a formal grant application:


  • Organizational description and mission statement
  • Summary of the project, including goals/objectives/budget
  • Relationship of the program to the mission of the Foundation
  • Amount of grant request and proposed program implementation
  • Personnel who will administer/monitor the project


  • Board of Directors, including affiliations
  • Executive Staff, including full- and part-time
  • Administrative Budget and Balance Sheet
  • IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt determination letter